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What is nuume ['nju: 'mi:]
all about?
Nuume is the one service that lets you access online dimensions personally.
What is a nuume?
A nuume is your digital twin – it looks like you, it acts like you, he or she is you. A nuume can best be described as your digital companion for all things online.
Why do I need one?
The real world in which we live in is in continuous process of extending its digital dimensions: cities have their virtual copies, entire online worlds simulate real life and games show have real football stars. We at nuume think that our users should have the most natural identity for these extended dimensions.
How does it work?
Very easy, all it takes is three steps. Just send us a front picture of you, and please also state your height and weight – that’s all.. If you wish, you may complement your profile with more data at a later stage
Where can I go with my nuume?
Check out the application overview here. Stay tuned for more destinations coming soon!
Simply switch the dimension.
Use to access virtual dimensions. The site is home to your digital me, the point from where you go to places – well-known applications and new experiences to spice up your online and real life.
Indulge in new online experiences.
The online world doesn’t stop spinning. We at nuume are developing new and useful applications for the digital twin of our users. nuume gives enough scope for creativity both in the digital and real world.
Will my nuume grow with me?
But of course. Because he or she is you, your digital alter ego will undoubtedly be growing with you. Your nuume will share your interests and will make your leisure time a little more interesting and diversified.
Simplify your life.
We know you’re busy. This is why we focus on creating a useful online environment which will help you simplify your life. A nuume can be used for leisure, social interaction, fun and business – for all aspects of your life.
Virtually natural and simply you.
A nuume is your most natural extension for virtual dimensions.
Easy. No cost.
No configuration. Only three simple steps.
Switch dimensions with the snap of a finger.
nuume dishes out exciting experiences and useful applications for all aspects of your life.
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