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Who we are
nuume consists of a multinational team of talented, out-of-the box thinkers from a diverse blend of fields: communication & branding, IT-development, 3D creation, computer science and online business.

Our headquarters are located in Barcelona. We at nuume travel a lot in the real and the digital world. We started to work on people digitization in autumn 2008, although the initial idea is much older. Since then, the number of people that got connected with nuume has increased considerably. With the launch in early 2010, we rapidly embark on a new phase in this adventure!
Roger keeps the strings together and blends the team member’s rich talents into a tasteful mixture.
Paula holds the paint brush and adds colour and aesthetics to nuume’s presence.
Chris is the tech-magician that knows how to translate user wishes into clever software.
Fritz jumps in when there is too much work – he lends his appearance temporarily to new users.
Sergio knows about the secrets of 3D modelling.
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